- Our products for a wide range of industries -

Automotive industry / machine and special system construction

Moulded rubber parts and seals solve a wide range of problems in both automotive and mechanical engineering. For example, in the transmission of forces, the damping of noise and vibrations or wherever sealing, testing and insulation is required. Whatever the application, whether seals for standard applications, precision articles or demanding components that are exposed to high service temperatures or aggressive media - Heinz Gräber is your partner when it comes to rubber!

Product examples:

  • All seals for leak test systems and leak test
  • equipment (see our “Products” page)
  • Engine / chassis / drive systems
  • Hydraulic seals
  • Automation technology valves
  • Compensators based on EPDM and FKM

Medical technology

We are constantly developing our medical technology products and are always happy to respond to individual customer requests. This results in quality products made of rubber, polyurethane (PUR) or silicone - in all volumes, sizes, and quantities. 

Our silicone moulded parts are used in various applications for medical devices, apparatus, and systems. Special rubber compounds are used for this purpose, which optimally fulfil every medical and hygienic requirement. 

Furthermore, all our silicone and rubber parts have been extensively tested and comply with all relevant standards, for example with regard to fire protection. For example, we use silicone to manufacture membranes and collection containers for dialysis machines using rubber seals of every kind.

Conveyor technology

Conveyor technology places the highest demands on elastomer properties. For example, applications based on nitrile rubber for drive wheels or heavy-duty rubber-metal wiper elements. 

Heinz Gräber GmbH also offers comprehensive know-how and suitable rubber compounds for rollers. From the surface itself, right up to our customers' requirements with regard to various applications. We manufacture rollers e.g. for mechanical engineering, the steel and metal industry, film production and finishing, the printing industry, the plastics industry, or the paper industry.

Product examples:

  • Adhesive application rollers
  • Lacquering rollers
  • Roller coverings for textile production
  • Squeeze rollers for chemical baths
  • Roller coverings with special surface properties
  • Embossing rollers
  • Feed rollers
  • Flexographic printing sleeves
  • Gravure printing rollers

Food industry

The variety of products and the application of numerous flavourings can have a wide range of effects on elastomers in this industry.

Heinz Gräber GmbH offers a new sulphur cross-linked compound series, which comes with a wide range of European certifications such as W270, WRAS and ACS. Furthermore, the recipe structure complies with the requirements of the positive list for aqueous food in accordance with the FDA.

Product examples:

  • Drive rollers for conveyor belts
  • Pipe and line seals
  • Food industry valves
  • Filling line seals for the beverage industry
  • Teat liners / calf
  • teats for the dairy industry

Air transport

In the aerospace industry, our moulded rubber parts are required to withstand the most extreme requirements.

Therefore, for this purpose, we use rubber with the following properties:

Excellent electrical insulation properties, high temperature resistance, elasticity over wide temperature ranges and a high degree of flame retardancy.

Product examples:

  • Silicone rings in aircraft engine compartments
  • Application in fuel dump systems
  • Elastomeric connections to CFRP in water tank collar areas
  • Linings/thermal insulation between CFRP outer skins and combustion chambers
  • Sealing systems on helicopter rotor blades
  • The bases of lightweight air freight containers


We rise to the extremely high demands of this industry to ensure that our products will continue to contribute to safety in modern rail traffic both now and in future. Great importance is attached to the resistance of thematerials used, which are often exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations.

Heinz Gräber GmbH has developed rubber compounds that are specially designed for these conditions. This allows maintenance costs to be reduced over the entire life cycle.

Product examples:

  • VMQ mixtures (in accordance with UNI CEI 1170-3, UNI CEI EN 45 545, BS 6853) for internal and external wagon components
  • VMQ compounds (in accordance with EN 50382-2, NFF63-827 ) for rail vehicle cables exposed to high temperatures
  • Hydraulic seals
  • Elastomer fire protection compound certified in accordance with EN45545 R1HL3
  • Impact underbody railway vehicle protection plates made of elastomeric-fibre composite honeycomb

Water, oil, and gas

Our drinking water supply seals are made of innovative and efficient rubber compounds which can still be used for drinking water even after 2021.

Extracting and processing oil and gas is complex and requires special technologies. Modern plants are required to function economically and reliably under extreme environmental conditions. Our moulded rubber parts such as seals, O-rings and custom moulded rubber components withstand factors such as heat, cold, moisture, temperature fluctuations, corrosion, or UV radiation, depending on their application.

Product examples:

  • Gas supply line seals (NBR)
  • Seals / diaphragms (EN 549) in gas appliances and systems (NBR)
  • Seals, gate valves, butterfly valves for drinking water supply (cold water, EPDM sulphur crosslinked)
  • Components in drinking water fittings (cold and hot water, EPDM perox.)
  • FKM and FFKM compounds for O-ring and V-ring fittings, drills, stators, heat exchangers and oil seals
  • Upstream components (oil/gas production), midstream (transport) and downstream (oil and gas processing)

Other industries in which we are active:

  • Air conditioning and ventilation technology
  • Wind energy
  • Furniture industry
  • Music industry
  • Household appliances
  • Heating technology